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My name is Sarah Frohock. I've been a dog lover my entire life. As a young child my first thought was to be a Veterinarian, but that was because I had no idea the job as Dog Trainer existed.  

My first involvement with training started over 10 years ago when my dog Nacoma showed some major behavior issues.  I worked with a trainer to help him become a better dog and for me to become a better owner. 

From there my love of dog training evolved. I read every book I could and was certified as a Dog Trainer by Mike Robertson of Plymouth, NH.  I continue my experience and growth by attending seminars and working with my students.  

My love for training had evolved even farther with the love of Dog Sports. I love competition and I love the teamwork and relationship you build with working with your best friend.



Trying to get the whole group in isn't easy.jpg Working on appropriate dog greetings.jpg
Trying to get the whole group in isn't easy.jpg Working on appropriate dog greetings.jpg

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Trying to get the whole group in isn't easy.jpg Working on appropriate dog greetings.jpg
Trying to get the whole group in isn't easy.jpg Working on appropriate dog greetings.jpg

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Our basic manners class helps each dog and human relationship become more successful. We work on Sit, Down, Sit-up, Stand, Come, Heel and Attention.

This class also it a great way to socialize your dog in a safe manner.

Today was Chara's day. Completed her third leg and got 196 out of 200.jpg
Today was Chara's day. Completed her third leg and got 196 out of 200.jpg

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Today was Chara's day. Completed her third leg and got 196 out of 200.jpg
Today was Chara's day. Completed her third leg and got 196 out of 200.jpg

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The CGC Program teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners. The 10-step Canine Good Citizen test is a non-competitive test for all dogs, including purebreds and mixed breeds. The CGC award is a prerequisite for many therapy dog groups. Some homeowner’s insurance companies are encouraging CGC testing, and an increasing number of apartments and condos require that resident dogs pass the CGC test. The CGC Program also includes the AKC CGC℠ Responsible Dog Owner Pledge.


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Does your dog over react to certain stimuli? If your dogs reaction to these stimuli is usually a bark and lunge, this may be the class for you.

Sleepy Forrest.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg
Sleepy Forrest.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg

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Sleepy Forrest.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg
Sleepy Forrest.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg

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This is perfect opportunity to work with your dog with just me! We can work at your home based on your schedule, and on your specific needs!



Here, Heaven and Far Away

Here is some information about my current pack as well as some that are no longer with us.



Boston was my first Aussie. He is truly why I love the breed. He is so smart and eager to learn. We first started working in Agility with Julie Daniels when he was a puppy. He really needed a job. He has his CGC as well as his Rally Novice Title. He is slightly retired and currently relaxes during the day with Buddy.



Chara, Chara. My lovely 4 year old redhead. This dog is the most solid and reliable spirit you may every meet. She is confident, beautiful and food motivated. Chara has her CGC, RN and BN and is currently working toward her CD Title. She is also apart of the Pet Partners Program as a Therapy Dog. She has been approved for Complex environments such as Hospice and working with young children.



Acadia is just a young kid. She is just barely 2 years old but has already achieved her BN and CD title. She is currently working toward her next title. She has very loving spirit and will brighten anyones day!



Z! My first CHAMPION! Before 2 years of age he has already received 5 titles and a Championship. His current project is working towards his Therapy Dog Certification.



Forrest is a 6 year old Golden Retriever. Technically he is my step son, he was my fiancé's dog prior. Forrest is one of the most balanced dogs you could ever meet. His favorite activity is chasing a ball down the beach and rolling on it after!

Worst day ever.jpg.jpg.jpgwill miss this face.jpg


Bauer came in live with us as a puppy, he decided as he grew that he needed to be in a home with no other Dogs. He now resides with his owner Marlene in Massachusetts. They are working towards their Rally Excellent Title.

Buddy at the beach.jpg


Buddy was my 16 year old Lab/Golden mix. He was my first dog as an adult.   Buddy has never competed in any class or competition.



Nacoma was really the founder of Sarah's Courteous Canine. He had behavior issues that I need to learn how to work with and it wasn't that he didn't know how to sit. He did have some aggressive tendencies. Which I am so glad that he did because without him, I wouldn't have the opportunity to work with some really great dogs and their owners. We lost Nacoma at the young age of 7.



"I enrolled in my 1st class at Sarah’s Courteous Canines when Bella was four months old. Her class was so much fun! Sarah clearly loves what she does and is truly a ‘dog whisperer’. She explained the different dog behaviors exhibited in the class and how best to correct them…techniques I still use today.

Bella passed her CGC certification later the following year. We continue to work on the ‘drills’ Sarah taught us. I enthusiastically recommend her class to my friends with dogs (old or new) and look forward to the day that I have another dog to train."

Today Bella is three years old and I never have to worry about having her out in public or having her off-leash. I credit her behavior to the excellent training she received at Sarah’s Courteous Canines.

~Saylee Merrow~

"Good morning, I want you to know that the work we did last weekend was successful. Ryan and I have just gotten back from an hour and a half walk. We took our regular road route, but then were adventurous and headed down to the conservation trails along the Ossipee River. He was the best! A couple of times he ran off after a squirrel or something, but within 50 ft would slow down, I'd whistle, and back he'd come. Once he went down and put his feet in the river and I'll allow more of that this summer. We got back about 7 minutes ago. He went to the water bowl, took a long drink and then took himself to the crate for a nap. Thank you!"

~Ellen Collard~

My husband and I rescued our corgi mix, Nessie, just over a year ago. She had already been adopted and returned once because she had anxiety issues, so we were determined to make this match work. We are so in love with our little pup, but we definitely needed some help. Through a friend we were put in touch with Sarah, and it’s been the best step we’ve made since getting Nessie. Sarah came over to our house and met our dog, my husband, and I. We wanted to sign up for classes, but were nervous how Nessie would react with other dogs, so she walked us through what classes would be like and prepared us. We are currently in our third round of classes now, and in every one Sarah has tailored the class to meet Nessie’s specific needs. She empowers us to work with our dog outside of class to become a better partnership, and she helps us to understand Our dog. Since we’ve been working with Sarah, Nessie has become more obedient and confident in herself and in us.

We highly recommend Sarah Frohock and Sarah’s Courteous Canine, to anyone and everyone. There is always something to work on, whether your dog is well behaved or not, and our dog loves coming to class every week.

~Kristen Soule~

As a dog lover that adopted a dog that was deemed “vicious and dangerous” I can say that having Sarah guide me through training of said dog was a game-changer. We took two-back to back group classes with Sarah and had her to our home for a personal session. Her advice, guidance, and positivity helped guide our adopted dog into society after being at a shelter for eighteen months. It was hard work but persistence paid off. Sarah was available via messaging and email for quick consultations as well.

It is apparent that Sarah loves dogs and has a passion for her client’s dogs because she wants them to excel in training and life skills. Sarah’s commitment in her own dogs is so clearly obvious as I see post after social media post of her hiking and playing with them.

Having Sarah as a dog trainer for an “easy” dog or a more challenging dog is a good choice. She really cares, and dogs listen to her!

~Julie Fergus~

"Sarah is a professional, knowledgeable and very caring dog trainer. She understands that the needs of each dog and their owner are very individual. I have worked with Sarah in both private and group lessons with my very shy, fearful and reactive 11 month old pup Gracie. Through her guidance and training she has given both Gracie and I the skills and "tools" to help Gracie become more confident and relaxed in many different environments and situations. I can now take Gracie for walks in town and people will comment on how well behaved she is! Sarah's methods of training demonstrate enthusiasm, encouragement and patience. I am truly grateful for all her help and would highly recommend her as a trainer. Thank you Sarah!"

~Heather Boucher~

I am excited to recommend Sarah Frohock, owner of Sarah's Courteous Canines, to all dog owners who would like to have a well-behaved canine companion. The first time I took my Oscar was when Sarah first started doing training. He loved going to school, learning and meeting other dogs. He was engaged and so happy to be in "school". We began to repeat the course as it became such fun for us together. Eventually Sarah suggested we ramp it up a notch and take the Canine Good Citizen course. My deaf dog succeeded and is now a good citizen-all due to Sarah. We now go at least once a year for fun and as a refresher. I've seen such good progress in dogs who have attended classes. Solutions to behavior problems are found and implemented. Happy dogs and happy owners. Such a blessing for us all."

~Jeannine Zwoboda~

Saturday Morning Beach fun.jpg


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