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Our Boarding Kennel is EXCLUSIVE to our training clients Past and Current only.


Our rate is $55 per night for one dog.​ 2 dogs in 1 kennel is $95 per night.

The Kennel is located right on the same property as our home and training center. 

Our Boarding Kennel



Please use the link below to book your dogs stay. We are a small boarding kennel with only 9 runs. Booking well in advance insures your dogs stay with us. You will need your dogs vaccines certificate from the vet in order to book your dogs stay.

Pick up and Drop Off By Appointment only!

Bring your dogs Bed or Blanket!

Bring each meal INDIVIDUALLY wrapped in a Ziplock Baggie. 

Outside Fenced in Area!

Let us know if your dog is destructive or a climber!

Taking a class? Don't worry, you can hire one of our trainers so your dog doesn't miss class!

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